Message migration from WindowsLiveMail to outlook

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One month passes since Windows Essentials 2012 with WindowsLive mail finished on January 10, 2017. It was not possible to download the installer at the same time as the support ended. However, I can not download Essentials when I migrate my data.

Until now using windows 7 on a new PC win10, in case of outlook, you may need a mail message anyway.

This time is a method of migrating past messages from Livemail to outlook.

①Microsoft Exchange

It is a way to use Microsoft Exchange in the export of e-mail in the function of livemail as follows.,-contacts,-and-calendar-data-to-outlook

The message can now be moved to outlook.






②Use server synchronization of google account。

This way, you set up the same google (gmail) account in windowslive mail and outlook 2010-2016.

This is a method to transfer the message received by another account with IMAP enabled for the corresponding account and receive the message at the mailer as the migration destination via the gmail account.





If you move the mail in the gmail folder to another folder, you can migrate mail without problems. When migrating, try using gmail once convenient.

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