When outlook mail is sent, the dat file is attached

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It will be a long time posting. When attaching pictures etc. in outlook 2013, the Winmail.dat file may be attached, so the attached file may not be opened.
Although you can open regular photo attachments, you can not open the dat file because it is a configuration file.
When sending in outlook with sending in rich text format packs the entire mail composition (winmail.dat), it is not possible to open the attached file because it can not deal with mailer other than outlook .

What to do when you receive an attachment named winmail.dat

In the case of Outlook 2013, click “Mail” in the left menu from “File” → “Options” in the upper left, and there is a part “Create a message in the following format” in the [Message creation] column , Select “Text format”.

Normally it is in HTML format and changing to text format will not attach the file of winmail.dat.


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