Window key “windows key” and “X” functions and management

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When updating windows 10 and pressing “windos key” and “X” at the same time as usual, the display of the control panel which is displayed always disappears.

You can not use the method of displaying the screen with the shortcut key on the keyboard by changing the specification in the right click menu of the start button by Windows 10 Creators Update.

The control panel is a frequently used item, so I really want to be able to start it easily, but due to the specification change I can no longer display it.

There are various ways to start the display of the control panel, but there are times when you open the windows system tool inside a commonly used application. Another way to search from Cortana in the lower left. How to specify the file name afterwards.

The easiest way is to specify a file name and execute it

First, just press “windos key” and “R” at the same time, then just type “control” and start up. I am using it a lot this way from ancient times.


When you press “windos key” and “X” at the same time, Windows PowerShell is displayed on the front. This can also input UNIX commands, it is very convenient for searching and managing files and so on.

[tegaki] In terms of management, it may be useful as all functions are displayed [/ tegaki]


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