I can not download the trial version of the handwritten ver.27!

この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 6 分です。

A download file (trial version) tried to install after migrating the handwritten address book at the request of wanting to install handwritten notes after delivering the personal computer

It does not work and it does not work. The activation key at the time of purchase is at hand and trying to download the file from the URL site came by mail at the time of purchase. Although it is connected to the dedicated URL, the following message is displayed and it is impossible to install handwriting by all means. . .

I will consult with the SourceNext who is the contractor of the handwritten word, but as it is hard to connect the phone, it seems not to try searching for the trial version from the homepage.

Finally the telephone is connected and I ask the operator, but I’d like you to tell me about the URL download site by e – mail about things I can not download. (Because the link destination of each URL is different at the time of purchase from the net), I check where the download file of the trial version is, but it is ambiguous answer when checking to the person in charge and turning it back.

Originally SourceNext does not seem to accept technical inquiries after purchase at all. Even if it sells it only for sale and it is transferred right, there is no after-sales. . .

Just a matter of waiting, there is no reply. It is five hours after that that the reply came back. Is it only five hours to confirm? The answer is here

Indeed, it is not the actual number of times you are installing it, it is limited by the download count. I was a little surprised.







After all, safely with the URL which is the reply of e-mail, it was able to install without trouble by downloading trial version safely.

When linking with this URL

Although I have it up to https://fudemame.net/products/hagaki/, I can not find ver.27. By the way, because the trial version of ver 28 is okay, ver 27 will be breaking the link. I thought what was not able to reach the link with the product of a year ago because I was downloading from the site, not the package, but I was happy to be able to do it for the time being.

Please download and install the necessary one below and activate it.

“fudemame Ver.27” trial version
https://fudemame.net/products/hagaki/fude 27 / free /

[tegaki] I hope it is a bit more intuitive page … [/ tegaki]


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