Toshiba dynabook T55 LCD panel exchange

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We received a request from Nakano-ku and S.

The screen temporarily becomes dark while using, it is said that it will be shaky. After confirming the phenomenon, we were able to confirm the phenomenon as soon as power was turned on. There is no problem output from the external monitor.
Obviously there is a high possibility of malfunction (backlight) of the liquid crystal panel. We will quickly order the parts and start replacement repair.

Unlike in the past, the structure is relatively easy and it is easy to replace.






Remove the battery, remove two hidden screws, and then remove it while floating the side frame little by little. It is easy to disengage because the frame is stopped with the claws, but the frame will crack easily if too much force is entered, so work carefully. Once you remove the frame, remove the four screws holding the LCD panel.






Since the cable connected to the liquid crystal panel is also thin, work with extreme care. When the panel comes off, disconnect the connector connected on the back.
It’s about 15 minutes or so far.






Please exchange new parts and complete it if you go back as you follow. Before attaching the frame at the end, I think whether it can be confirmed whether a defective item can be confirmed by turning on the power once and checking whether it works without problems and attaching a frame.

It is hard to remove the frame again・・・


I tried searching for the cost of most liquid crystal exchanges, but I do a pretty good price.


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