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Request from Nerima-ku · E

If you have preinstalled office 2016 at the time of initial setup of PC, I received an error in license validation, so I want you to correct it.

License authentication of office2016 may not work as recently when you set up personal computer yourself.

This time, this kind of message was displayed. After pushing OK, I will try again after a while, but it repeats. . . Indefinitely you will not be able to use it.

This is troublesome ...

Reinstallation is a good idea even if you look at MS's site



Normally, a license authentication required window will appear, enter the license key, press the authentication button and create a microsoft account, or if you sign in with the MS account you can authenticate and use it, but the screen will change with authentication There is a case of a state that does not proceed to the next screen.

It seems there may be a part of what kitted (completed ROMization) after November.

1. Close temporarily with x at the top right of the first authentication wizard (skip)
2. Then click on the upper part labeled “Authentication required” with the software still running
The same wizard as
3.1 appears, just enter productkey and complete.

1. Reboot
2. Temporarily disable security software
3. Execute Office Authentication Wizard
4. Enable security counter software

Although it works roughly in Workaround 1, this time it is said that this message came out immediately after activation. Even if you try quick repair, it seems that the results are the same and you can sign in to your MS account, so we will delete office2016 and reinstall it.


After that, if you signed in and downloaded from the following site, activation was completed without any problem and it became usable. There is no problem with this.

Also, if you can not successfully delete office, there is an Easy Fix tool. Download the tool from the following site according to the OS and delete office.



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