Phenomenon that mouse moves without permission & error display at startup

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Request from Adachi-ku O

Fujitsu FMV windows 8.1

It is said that the mouse will move without permission during use, request a visit.

Because of Fujitsu’s wireless mouse, the battery has already been replaced. Moreover, an error is displayed at the time of the rise. At the first startup, Fujitsu’s update navigation has not been installed correctly.






Although software is properly installed, it is only necessary to remove the corresponding software from the startup, but it seems that updating failed at the time of updating.

This time, the phenomenon is not continuous, it is difficult to specify the cause, but occasionally the mouse moves without permission. Also, since system errors frequently occurred, I decided to refresh once.






It can be refreshed in about 30 minutes in time. There are also some apps that disappear before running, so be careful. After returning to the original, it is deleted once and reinstalls the software.

After restoring, it works without problems. I was able to confirm that Fujitsu update navigation is working properly.

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