athens_pcPC Support

①【Basic charge】・・・Tokyo’s 23 wards (Nakano Ward / Nerima Ward: 2000 yen) 3,000 yen
【Additional charge of distant】
Komae City, Mitaka City, Chofu, Musashino, Nishitokyo 1,000 yen
Akishima, Akiruno, Inagi, Ome, Kiyose , Kunitachi City, Koganei,
Kokubunji, Kodaira, Tachikawa, Tama, Hachioji, Hamura, Higashikurume,
Higashimurayama, Higashiyamato, Hino City, Fuchu, Fussa, Machida, Musashimurayama
1,500 yen   

 ②【Support Menu】

3,000 yen menu
Initial setting (ISP · mail settings), printer settings, data migration, software installation, peripheral equipment mounting, PC lessons, HDD data erase, other minor work (1h)
6,000 yen menu
Trouble diagnosis … (investigation of PC trouble, we will do a recovery treatment)
OS re-install … (initial setting after recovery, software installation)
Make the personal computer special setting (1h) ··· above not applicable PC special configuration.
Hard Exchange Menu 6,000 yen ~ (Parts are charged separately)
Replace defective parts, replace parts, install parts. (SSD / HDD · liquid crystal panel · system board · power supply unit · memory addition etc.)

Normal request of support visit is the total amount of ① + ②.
If your computer component replacement is needed repair, it will do the part replacement / installation work. ※ Parts another charge
Concerning business trip support of distant area will take additional charges for each basic visit costs + area Please note.

network_connection_control_panelNetwork construction · LAN construction

Wiring route meeting 0 yen
LAN construction: 1 (cable material cost another) 1,2000 yen
Setting · PC sharing of data communication equipment (one) 5,000 yen

blogicons_wordpressHomepage creation

Cyan configuration estimate of construction Direction quote / design 0 yen
EC site construction / management, modification 89,800 yen~
CMS website creation / management, modification 9,8000 yen~

search_hddData Recovery Services

Initial diagnosis / quote 0 yen
WindowsOS 8,000 yen
MacOS 12,000 yen
USB memory / SD card 6,000 yen