Data salvage

Data is important property of our customers. If if suddenly the PC is no longer stand up, it is possible to take out the important data because there are still data that is inside from preferentially storage device. Also restoration requests from all over the country will we have received your courier service.We do not get the fee when it is not possible to data recovery.

“I had to delete the data,” “you’ve formatted the HDD”, “I ended up re-installing the OS.”

“You can not automatically repair this computer in the Startup Repair”, OS does not start at the “in-page operation error”, etc. Messages ”

“PC itself is frozen, it is not then OS start-up”, USB memory can not be accessed by not formatted ”


By damage level might (mild to severe failure) the amount of recovery data has become expensive. Please contact us once before to ask other companies to the Company.

checkbox_checked Flow of data recovery work

Yourself to possible person decomposition
① personal computer inside of HDD (hard disk) or remove the subject of storage media, firmly packing with a buffer material and the like to give me a shipping preparation.
After your request the ② restoration, please send your along with application form · Terms of Service Manual in the HDD (hard disk) or the subject of storage media in the home distribution service to the Company.
③ We will return the data recovery diagnosis and data recovery after the HDD to the customer (hard disk) equipment. You will be billed at COD.

Visited towards the diagnosis and restoration
① visit later, data restoration work started after it was decomposed to diagnose HDD the situation at the technician.
After ② data is taken out complete, to those that can not be recovered in the payment field in local had once entrusted the HDD equipment and strive to data recovery.
③ after the restoration is removed at our company, we will visit to attach the data and the HDD (hard disk) equipment to customers
【Important matters during the use of data recovery services】

We, also those who can not be removal of the HDD (hard disk drive) on your own we will do visited diagnosis to your home, the removal and recovery. We also accept the courier mailing person removable that can be on your own. ※ (shipping the top paid by the customer, after diagnosis and recovery return will be our burden)

※ With regard to the RAID configuration and severe failure in the Company please understand beforehand because there are times when Kaneru do correspondence.

The Company, please consult once because it is a success reward type of peace of mind.
memory medium, such as windows only not MacOS, USB is also data can be recovered. And give up if data will come back.