website creation

Not only the home page production, consulting management, we offer a package that specialized to support. We will create a useless part by omitting any to create only the minimum required part, there is a thoroughly pursued outcome the “low cost” HP. Small and medium-sized enterprises like from all over the country, we will request undertake from the store like.

Use such as video not only character by issuing a variety of movement you can show the page more attractive, SEO measures pat! ! Using the pictures, such as slideshows well it is possible to show a clean page can be created having a high quality. It also I can be done with ease updates from the user like so created in CMS. At the same time SP version (Smartphone Edition) it is also possible to construct.

checkbox_checked Online shop opening

The Company also is compatible build of EC sites in EC-CUBE that can be used in open source. It is OK even if they do not have their own home page. It is sure to lead to attract UP in the high-performance, multi-function.

Management in EC-CUBE highly functional Nae, you can change design and. Please contact us once. The effect of the net sales are endless.

checkbox_checked Site creation process


To request – uploaded creating period will be completed in about 2-4 weeks in the early ones. It might get a little your time depending on the configuration.