LAN construction

Such as the Internet and e-mail, network is not essential to the IT society of modern on top of the communications infrastructure. Groups such as maintenance have not been wiring and peripherals cause of the trouble. Improper setting of the personal computer will come having trouble even on security. Abundantly accumulated knowledge about the network in our company, we are focused on the appropriate network construction.


checkbox_checked The difference of other companies and rates

It often becomes expensive amount of money when the request-quote to other LAN construction company.Where we have contracted the number regardless of construction because there are many.
It, by the number of facilities number we have set the fee, you will be able to ask your with confidence Because it is set fee of one facility to a low price.

【A company】【B company】【Our company】
Basic charge 5mLAN wiring work Wall LAN jack mounting
16,000 4,000 2,000

                       Total   22,000 

Basic charge 5mLAN wiring work Wall LAN jack mounting
12,000 3,000 3,000

                       Total   18,000

Basic charge 5mLAN wiring work Wall LAN jack mounting
10,000 2,000 2,000

                       Total 14,000

checkbox_checked LAN Benefits

LAN construction to your home from the small office at our company, network construction, PC up new Standing, to maintenance, etc. are underwriting the part work. Floor and ceiling, also work in various laying conditions such as wiring to the outer wall is possible. We will build a comfortable net life such as firm wiring and speed-oriented.
We heard from LAN wiring work one.

Since the setting change of network equipment also together can be one-stop service. This is our strength.