PC Support

Visit to the customer’s home, it is PC support up to the trouble diagnosis from the new setup. Please feel free to contact us. (Account settings, anti-virus measures and data backup software installation file sharing and wireless LAN setting and hard parts mounting and built-in component mounting PCs initial set and personal computer operating instructions game machine communication settings · iPhone · iPad · WindowsUpdate · security measures trouble deal maintenance …)

You do not have this experience in the past?










“I can not send and receive Internet does not lead mail!”, “I want to connect a wireless printer!”, “I want to use the smart phone in the Wi-Fi!”, “I want to have an Internet tablet”

(data and software system)
We want you to data migration from the old PC to the new PC “,! You forget the” ID and Password “, can not install the” soft

(start-up and operation system)
“PC does not rise!”, “Screen remains dark!”, “Strange sound is!”, “Motion of the personal computer is heavy!” “Was infected with a virus!”, “CD / DVD can not be played!”

(lecture series)
“I want you to tell me the basic operation of the personal computer”, “because there is no time to go to a computer classroom you want to ask for training at home”, “I do not know how to back up the data.”



Easy PC delivery service

After applying in advance, we will send the broken product to our company by courier, we will take care of it, estimate the repair cost, we will repair after acknowledging.
After completion of repair, it will be returned by courier.






STEP01.Inquiry · Inquiry
If you think “PC is out of order!”, Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. We will ask you about customer’s information and symptoms of personal computer by interview.

If repair is necessary as a result of the inquiry, please print out the application form from the “PC repair request and custody receipt download” button below, enclose it, and send it by courier. For precision equipment, please do shock packing.
※Shipping fee will be borne by the customer.
※Please understand that failure at the time of delivery can not be guaranteed.

STEP03.Inspection diagnosis · Estimate

STEP04.Repair work
Repair work It is the start of repair work after your consent.

STEP05.Completion of repair · Returning · Clearing
Repair completed · Return · If you complete the repair work, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will send it back by courier at the date and time that matches your convenience, so we will send you an invoice at a later date so please settle the fee.
※Shipping fee will be borne by the customer. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Repair equipment destination address


By far the best deals !! PC initial setup pack

It takes a lot of time and it will be hard if you think that you are going to do your own initial setup when purchased. Please use the plans that are all inclusive for those who recommend it. It is much more profitable than mass sales than manufacturer! !

Basic visit fee (Tokyo) + PC initial setup pack=¥6,000(Tax not included)

InIn areas other than the 23 wards of Tokyo, the basic visit fee is
We will receive it in addition to the price of the price list.

Flow of setting / Service contents

Our company supports various manufacturers (self-made PC also supports OK). Please leave it to our company, even if it is stated in the other. In other we will support and will not be imitated price.

※The Company is not a systems company, we do not do is support for the system.