PC Support

Visit to the customer’s home, it is PC support up to the trouble diagnosis from the new setup. Please feel free to contact us. (Account settings, anti-virus measures and data backup software installation file sharing and wireless LAN setting and hard parts mounting and built-in component mounting PCs initial set and personal computer operating instructions game machine communication settings · iPhone · iPad · WindowsUpdate · security measures trouble deal maintenance …)

You do not have this experience in the past?

CASE1 (Internet-based)

“I can not send and receive Internet does not lead mail!”, “I want to connect a wireless printer!”, “I want to use the smart phone in the Wi-Fi!”, “I want to have an Internet tablet”

CASE2 (data and software system)

We want you to data migration from the old PC to the new PC “,! You forget the” ID and Password “, can not install the” soft

CASE3 (start-up and operation system)

“PC does not rise!”, “Screen remains dark!”, “Strange sound is!”, “Motion of the personal computer is heavy!” “Was infected with a virus!”, “CD / DVD can not be played!”

CASE4 (lecture series)

“I want you to tell me the basic operation of the personal computer”, “because there is no time to go to a computer classroom you want to ask for training at home”, “I do not know how to back up the data.”

Our company supports various manufacturers (self-made PC also supports OK). Please leave it to our company, even if it is stated in the other. In other we will support and will not be imitated price.

※The Company is not a systems company, we do not do is support for the system.