I installed EC-CUBE4 on a subdomain


This is the first post in a long time. Literally, I installed ec-cube on a subdomain.

Installation is very easy, just download the file from the ec-cube official website, upload it under your own directory, and execute it from the web.

Note that PHP ver should be set to the following and DB should be created in advance.

PHP 7.1 〜 7.4

Because I wanted to create an operating environment for ec-cube3, but I can't help it because the link that can be downloaded for 3ver has been deleted from the ec-cube official ...


Even on the rental server side, easy installation on 3 systems is eliminated and 2 systems are recommended.


It's easy to customize because you can play with it from the management screen, and it's open source, so it's good that it doesn't cost anything.

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