Explosive speed, when I changed from HDD to SSD, the startup changed within 10 seconds

Request from Arakawa-ku A

I'm using win7 upgraded to win10, but it takes a long time to start up and it's slow even if it starts up, so I'd like you to change to SSD.

It is a desktop of Dell inspiron 620S. I will replace it by pulling it up immediately. Originally it came with a 1TB HDD, so replace it with an SSD.

Even with 4GB of memory, replacing it with an SSD will dramatically improve the speed.

This time I will use an Intel 120GB SSD. Since the mount base is sold separately, use it for mounting on the main body.

JOOCII 2.5→3.5 変換 マウンタ PC用 HDD/SSD交換ブラケット 固定金具 SSD 交換キット ネジセット付き

Last install win10 and you're done. When I tried to start it, it started in less than 10 seconds. The overall operation is also crisp and stress-free.

The rest is done by returning the data! !!




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