Replace Fujitsu Notebook PC + Desktop with SSD

Request from M, Setagaya-ku

Since the operation of the PC is slow, I wanted to improve it, so the specifications of the PC itself are equipped with 12GB of memory and the CPU is also I7 Intel's i7, so SSD replacement.

I will remove the screw on the back and remove the HDD that is currently attached. In the future, the size will be reduced from 3.5 inches to 2.5 inches, so we will install a conversion base. SSD is equipped with 500GB.

After assembling, I will put windows10. Now the desktop PC can be started within 10 seconds.



We will replace the laptop with SSD in the same way.

Remove the cover and remodel this to 1TB of SSD. After that, put the OS in the same way and check the startup. I was able to confirm the startup within 10 seconds.








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