I tried to improve the wireless speed with TP-Link's WI-FI mesh

The radio in my house uses Buffalo's wireless RT, but when I use it on the 2nd floor, the internet is slow and youtube also stops, so I decided to improve my house

Until now, Buffalo Wireless RT has been installed on the 1st floor. Since it is a detached house, I installed a repeater on the 2nd floor and used it until now. The speed at that time is 23 Mbps. This is slow ...

Therefore, I thought that I would improve the wireless speed in my house by utilizing the Ethernet backhaul, so I bought a mesh router.

This time, it is TP-LINK's M04 mesh WI-FI. The feature of this is that it can be connected by wired LAN and the ESSID is the same, so there is no need to switch WI-FI between 1F and 2F.

Think of it as a set of two.

It's easy to set up, install the Deco app from your smartphone, and follow the steps. Since our HGW is on the 1st floor and our PC is on the 2nd floor, we are laying a wired LAN from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. Since UTM is installed under it, a mesh is installed under it.

When the power is turned on, the upper lamp will blink blue. Select the AP called Deco from your smartphone via WI-FI and connect. Follow the steps to create the installation location and AP name + password.

If you follow the instructions on the screen, the setting of the first Deco will be completed.



2Setting up the second Deco is just as easy. When measuring the speed of WI-FI in the same environment, it was considerably improved compared to Buffalo.



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